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TextOur original best-seller. With a nearly 4 ft tall column of water, a steady stream of captivating bubbles, 10 tropical fake fish, and a 20-color remote control, this sensory bubble tube lamp makes the perfect center-piece for any sensory room.


  • TRUE 8 INCH BALL DIAMETER FOR AN IMMERSIVE SENSORY EXPERIENCE. The first thing you'll notice when you pull your new plasma ball lamp out of the box is how substantial it feels in your hands. That's because unlike smaller electric globe toys, our large plasma dome light is designed to provide a highly visceral and interactive lighting experience – all at a price that doesn't break the budget!
  • "SPARK" YOUR STUDENTS' INTEREST IN SCIENCE. Our plug operated lightning spheres uses a Tesla coil to generate a potential difference between it and the surrounding gas-filled globe. The result is a mesmerizing static electricity display that responds to both hand touch and speaker sound: and a fascinating way to demonstrate the concepts of voltage, current, and lightning without compromising anyone's safety.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES. Finally, buy your kids or grandkids a gift they won't turn off until their next birthday! Our nebula nightlight will make your little budding scientist the envy of all his or her friends. And since it's backed with a 90-day unlimited warranty, you can feel at ease knowing you are purchasing one of the best static electricity orbs around!